Dangerous abortion providers harm women and kill children, yet they are not held accountable. Pro-life candidates are being elected and then passing pro-life laws but the laws are not being enforced. Abortion businesses remain largely unregulated and the atrocities happening behind their doors continue. 


Reprotection’s CEO, Cathie Humbarger, pursued the closure of the dangerous abortion businesses operated by Ulrich Klopfer in Indiana. Her efforts resulted in the process that is Reprotection, a strategy that can be easily applied to abortion businesses across the country, beginning in your neighborhood.


The plan, described with the acronym CLOSE, is simple:

Collect the information

Listen to the firsthand stories

Observe the activities

Seek the proof 

Enlist the proper authorities


When you take the first step, you can start the work of Reprotection to make your community abortion-free and join in national efforts to close the doors of abortion businesses.

Reprotection is the abortion industry’s worst nightmare!

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